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QuietCall Auto Shop, Car Sales and Garage Wireless
Enhance Customer Service, Generate More Revenue

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Improve your customers' experience while they wait for their vehicle to be serviced with QuietCall auto dealer paging system. QuietCall notifies customers with a flash, beep or vibe the instant their vehicle is ready. Eliminate long lines or noisy overhead systems for your customers. With QuietCall, your staff can also communicate quietly and effectively with each other to stay current on a customer's service status. QuietCall helps you be more profitable by increasing add-on sales and improving the customer experience. Lightweight, convenient pagers free customers to visit the showroom, customer lounge or waiting room for a more relaxing experience. With QuietCall, your staff will deliver faster, smoother, more customer-friendly service



2-Way Radios Motorola CLS
Instant Communication, Boosts Business Efficiencies

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Keeping your staff in constant communication using Motorola 2-way radios not only increases productivity, it's smart business. With a push of a button, virtually from anywhere within your facility, these lightweight, super-compact devices enable staff members to communicate effectively and work more cohesively. Motorola is the industry's most popular brand. Your staff can complete multiple tasks, assist customers, resolve issues and work together more efficiently than ever before. Plus, you'll also improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.