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QuietCall Pharmacy Paging
Good Customer Care is Good for Business

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Good Customer Care is Good for Business Protect your customers' privacy and turn their waiting experience into a pleasant one with QuietCall pharmacy paging system. QuietCall silently notifies customers with a flash, beep or vibe the instant their prescription is ready. You can call waiting customers back to the pharmacy for further consultation. No long lines, agitated customers or noisy overhead systems to worry about. QuietCall also helps you increase retail sales. Lightweight, convenient pagers free customers to shop and spend more during the wait. With QuietCall, your staff will deliver more efficient and customer-friendly service than ever before. Your customers will appreciate a secured, quieter, more enjoyable experience.



SmartCall Pharmacy Paging
Clear Communications Creates Superior Service

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Give pharmacy customers the best service possible with our SmartCall paging system. You can quickly and confidentially send text messages that clearly indicate when a prescription is ready or if customers are needed for further consultation. No long lines or noisy overhead systems to worry about. Because messages are fully spelled out on the pager's large LCD screen, communications is more efficient. SmartCall helps you increase sales. Convenient pagers free waiting customers to shop in other parts of the store. You can easily stream sales or promotional messages directly to the customer and boost profits. Plus, you'll protect your customers' privacy, communicate more effectively and deliver superior service.



2-Way Radios Motorola CLS
Instant Communication Boosts Business Efficiencies

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Keeping your staff in constant communication using Motorola 2-way radios not only increases productivity, it's smart business. With a push of a button, virtually from anywhere within your facility, these lightweight, super-compact devices enable staff members to communicate effectively and work more cohesively. Motorola is the industry's most popular brand. Your staff can complete multiple tasks, assist customers, resolve issues and work together more efficiently than ever before. Plus, you'll also improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.