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Server Call ® - Hot Food Guaranteed!

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Deliver the best guest experience possible with ServerCall restaurant paging system. ServerCall keeps waiters, chefs and managers in constant communication and working more efficiently. Waiters are instantly notified when the food is ready for pickup while it’s still hot and fresh.

ServerCall helps you win customers and manage your staff more effectively and profitably. With ServerCall, wait staff can spend more quality time with guests, selling more and keeping customers satisfied. Servers handle tables more productively, reducing labor costs. Whether your restaurant is large or small, ServerCall comes with a variety of transmitter and pager choices that fit any budget.


GuestCall IQ Guest Pager
Smarter restaurant paging for more satisfied customers

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Hand waiting guests a sleek GuestCall IQ coaster pager and put them in control. Free to wander nearby, or sit at the bar and relax, customers gain a positive impression from the moment they walk in the door. The GuestCall IQ coaster pager has a built-in table management feature, so you can estimate waits more accurately and turn tables faster. GuestCall IQ coaster pager is also a smarter paging system, for more satisfied customers and a more efficient operation.

Quality, durability and more Our GuestCall IQ coaster pager sets a new standard for guest pager quality and ergonomics. High quality components and ultra rugged design mean fewer dropped pages and greater durability. To help reduce loss, the GuestCall IQ coaster pager also automatically alerts guests who go out of range.


Push Button Paging for your Restaurant
Improve Service & Customer Experience

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Push Button Paging System empowers your guests to manage their restaurant experience. After seating, the server shows the< customer how to control their experience by pushing the appropriate button on the transmitter to:

> Call the server to the table

> Ask for the check

> Request a manager to visit the table


Motorla CLS 2-way Radio
Instant Communication - Boosts Business Efficiencies

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Keeping your staff in constant communication using Motorola 2-way radios not only increases productivity, it's smart business. With a push of a button, virtually from anywhere within your facility, these light weight, super-compact devices enable staff members to communicate effectively and work more cohesively.

Motorola is the industry's most popular brand. Your staff can complete multiple tasks, assist customers, resolve issues and work together more efficiently than ever before. Plus, you'll also improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.


GuestCall for Fast Casual Restaurant Paging
Reduce Noise and Congestion, Increase Sales

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Reduce the congestion at the counter and improve your guests' experience with< GuestCall paging system. Give guests a pager while you complete their order so they can fill their drink, find a table, sit and relax. When their order is ready, page the guest to pick-up their food. No more mispronounced names, blaring overhead speaker systems or chaos at your counter. GuestCall helps you be more profitable by reducing labor costs, eliminating the need for food runners and increasing sales by providing a relaxing, inviting environment to bring friends and coworkers

GuestCall LTD Guest Pager
Reduce Noise, Improve Guest Flow and Increase Profit

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Guest paging systems increase your profits by turning tables quicker and improving your guests’ experience. Give waiting guests a GuestCall LTD pager so they are free to visit the bar or nearby areas for a more relaxing wait. Notify guests when their table is ready with a flash, beep or vibration-avoiding noisy overhead systems or your host searching for waiting guests.

GuestCall LTD helps you establish a commitment between your host and guest, reduce walk-aways, seat more people more quickly and deliver a smoother, more customer-friendly service.

TableScout ® Status Alert Restaurant Paging Systems

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TableScout Status Alert restaurant paging systems helps realize greater restaurant potential by enabling staff to turn tables faster to serve an increased number of customers.

With compact, handheld transmitter in hand, from wherever they are working, bus or host staff can update the table management system with the most current seating availabilities. Time and effort are saved by eliminating trips to the host stand. TableScout restaurant paging systems help decrease wait times and customers are delighted to be seated more quickly.

Integrate with your existing table management software – TableScout restaurant paging systems integrate with your existing table management software to deliver timely updates. TableScout integrates with table management solutions like ProHost, QSR Automations, GuestBridge, Radiant and others.

SmartCall Guest Paging System
Improve Communications, Boost Sales and Service

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Transform your guests' waiting experience into an enjoyable one with SmartCall guest paging system. You can inform them about their wait status or communicate other messages quietly and clearly, resulting in faster table turns and greater guest satisfaction. No long lines or noisy crowds to contend with. The SmartCall guest paging system helps you increase sales. Convenient pagers free waiting guests to visit the bar or nearby areas. Stream menu specials or other promotional announcements to their pagers and boost your bottom line. With the SmartCall guest paging system, you'll deliver more customer-friendly service and prevent potential walkaways.

Enhance your guest paging system by upgrading to SmartCall pagers. The SmartCall guest paging system allows you to send text messages to your guests while they wait for their table. You can inform them about their wait status, let them know that their table is ready or communicate other messages. The quiet, clear communication that the SmartCall guest paging system offers will result in faster table turns, lower ditch rate and greater satisfaction.

The smart call guest paging system can drive sales by sending advertising messages with beverage and appetizer specials while guests wait in the bar. You can also promote daily menu specials, gift card purchases or promotions for upcoming holidays.