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Hostpitality Pagers - An Essential Ingredient for Restaurant Success - Chef, server, Hostess, Patron Paging

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Are long lines driving guests away from your restaurant? Want the tools to run a more profitable and efficient business? If so, it's time for a wireless restaurant pager system. Our innovative and comprehensive line of wireless restaurant pagers provide fast and lasting solutions to some of the most common challenges facing restaurateurs.

Better Communications with Guests and Staff
HME paging systems provide faster, quieter and more effective restaurant pagers than our competitors. Our high quality restaurant pagers and extensive pager models available for each paging system allow you to choose the form of communication you'd like to participate in. As a result, HME's restaurant pagers can help your staff can work more efficiently and serve guests effectively.


Quiet Paging for Church or Nursrey Parent Paging Systems - Increase Membership and Peace of Mind

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Count on Cantex for reliable nursery paging systems that help houses of worship like yours conduct services free of disruptions, and attract more members. Our industry- leading wireless paging systems help to enhance communications, increase staff productivity, and greatly improve the quality of your services.

Growing membership starts with families. And families are just what we had in mind when we developed our innovative products for church nurseries. Thanks to our QuietCall nursery pagers, parents can leave their children with nursery staff and attend services free of worries. Anywhere on the campus they go, they'll be notified of an emergency via pager. And it happens quietly and discreetly, so other members of the congregation are not affected in any way.


Spa Paging Solutions
for a Smoother Spa Service and Increased Sales

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The spa business, it's all about relaxation - the better your guests feel, the better it is for business. So count on us for on site paging solutions that enhance the spa experience for customers, and help you become more profitable at the same time. Our industry leading systems enhance communications, improve processes, and increase productivity so you can provide higher quality service while boosting the bottom line.

Add-On Sales Opportunity Crowded waiting areas and noisy overhead PA systems are anything but relaxing. And that's where spa pagers from Cantex come in. With a spa pager, customers are free to shop in your retail area, and staff can be instantly notified when they are ready for their session. Or customers can be notified discreetly as soon as their technician has arrived. The QuietCall paging system lets customers control their experience - increasing satisfaction, and creating opportunities for add-on sales.



Auto Shop, Car Sales and Garage Wireless Paging Systems
Quality Service and Higher Revenues

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Count on Cantex for reliable paging systems that help auto businesses like yours operate efficiently and profitably. Our industry leading systems enhance communications, improve processes, and increase productivity so you can provide quality service while boosting the bottom line.

Overhead PA systems are a boon to dealerships and their customers - noisy, and often hard to decipher. Not anymore. With our QuietCall Paging System, you can notify customers on the status of their service quickly, quietly and clearly. Simply hand a customer a compact pager and they're free to roam the showroom or customer lounge. It adds to their relaxation, and to the possibility of add-on sales for you. And our auto dealership pagers offer a unique anti-theft feature that prevents customers from accidentally walking away with the pager.


Pharmacy Wireless Paging Systems
Taking Better Care of Patients

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Count on us for reliable onsite wireless paging systems to help pharmacies like yours treat patients with the utmost care and protection. Our industry-leading wireless paging systems facilitate secure communications, protect patient privacy, enhance efficiency, and help provide superior service to patients.

HME's wireless paging systems for pharmacies can turn the problem of waiting for a prescription into an opportunity for your business. Simply hand waiting customers a lightweight pager, and they're free to roam about the store shopping. HME's wireless paging systems help to increase retail sales while cutting down on long, frustrating lines. When a customer's prescription is ready, or a consultation is needed, the pager notifies them discreetly, protecting their privacy and making for a more enjoyable experience.



Healthcare Paging Solutions
Better Communication Promotes Better Healthcare

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Often times, visiting a medical office or healthcare facility can be a stressful situation for patients and family members alike. That's why it's important to communicate effectively while creating the most comforting environment possible. With QuietCall IQ healthcare paging system, you can have quiet, confidential communications with patients, families and staff without the distraction of overhead systems. Our healthcare pagers are compact and convenient, and give patients and family members the peace of mind of knowing they can be in contact with staff members instantly, and discreetly. Our healthcare paging systems also work to reduce congestion at the admissions area and other parts of the facility.

Movie Theatre Paging systems
Connect with Customers

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You can count on us for reliable paging systems that help movie theaters like yours operate efficiently and profitably. Our industry-leading systems help to enhance customer and staff communications, resolve issues in the theater, connect with customers, and create a more enjoyable movie-going experience for everyone.

Managing a movie theater is a challenge, especially given that managers and staff "can't be everywhere at once." Our Push Button Paging system for movie theaters lets you engage select customers, who simply press the appropriate button on their push button pager to report a problem. Selected customers can be rewarded for their efforts, and issues inside the theater are resolved quickly and discreetly, without disturbing anyone's experience.

Retail Paging - Boost Customer Service and the Bottom Line with OnSite Paging Systems

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Count on us for Wireless reliable paging systems that help retailers like you operate
more efficiently and profitably. Industry-leading systems enhance communication,
promote sales opportunities and increase staff productivity, so you can serve your customers better, and boost the bottom line.

Keeping customers happy - and shopping - is the key to enhancing profits in these tough economic times. Our pagers for retail turn waiting customers into buying customers, allowing them to shop freely and be notified as soon as their order is ready or their service is complete. And with fewer customers "hanging around" the cash register, you're able to better manage traffic flow and offer a more inviting atmosphere at the front of the store.