About CanTex Equipment  



Cantex was founded in 1980. Thru these past 30 years we have been known as a company to go to for new ideas in all aspects of the Hospitality Industry. Our customers number in the thousands, and range from Alaska to Mexico, and from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

For the past 20 years we have specialized in On-Premise Paging concepts, but Click-On "Additional Products" to see other items that my be of interest, including such diverse products as Custom Logo Entrance Mats to Authentic Train Whistle novelties.

Feel free to contact Cantex at any time with any question relating to those markets and products as mentioned above. If we cannot help you directly, we can probably recommend a source for you to pursue.

On-Premise Paging has an unlimited variety of applications. For Example; In the Hospitality Industry these include Chef/Server Paging, Hostess/Patron Paging, and Patron/Server Paging.

Other applications include: Church Nursery/Parent Paging, Auto Dealer, Staff/Customer Paging, Health Care Paging including Residential Care-Giver Paging. Retail Store Customer Paging, Customer/Service Staff Paging.

Additional Paging Systems includes such items as Back-Door Delivery Notification / Front-Door Opening Notification / Refrigeration/Temperature-Warning Notification.

In any situation where it is important to contact someone, either silently or otherwise, on-premise paging can meet your requirements.

We also represent commercial quality Motorola Two-Way Radio and Headset products, for use when two-way communication is essential.